We're doing real good for real people in Zambia.



We want you to know exactly where your help is going. We’re so excited to tell you about
our Zambia campaign and how 
you can get involved. 

We are teaming up with our partners at MANA to provide RUTFs to The Salvation 
Army’s Chikankata Mission Hospital in Zambia. The hospital serves about 90,000 people who live in remote villages in the Southern Province – and Chikankata can really use our help.

Right now, they are down to two boxes of RUTFs. 

Our goal is to provide at least 180 cases of RUTF, which is enough to save nearly 200 children. And your help goes a long way! A donation of just $50 is enough to purchase one case, which provides a six-week RUTF treatment course, and give one child in Zambia a chance.


But no donation is too small to help: the clinic’s doctors are stretched beyond the limit but they’ve been creative in making their rations last, and they’ll gladly take as much as you can give. 

For every “like” we receive on Facebook, we’ll send one RUTF to Zambia. So go 
ahead and like us, help spread the word and help us bring hope to Zambia.