Malnutrition and hunger can make a child weaker and more susceptible to illness, stunt physical and mental development – and eventually kill.

When a child between the ages 9 to 59 months (about five years old) becomes severely malnourished they are nine times as likely to die as a healthy child. They are past the point of hunger and are literally starving to death. It’s a problem so severe, as many as one out of every four children around the globe could fall victim to it.

At any given time, SAM afflicts more than 20 million children throughout the world – that’s more people than the entire population of Florida.


According to the World Health Organization, a child suffers from SAM if they have a very low weight and height and visible severe wasting. SAM is often determined by using a special bracelet to measure a child’s upper arm. Children with an upper arm circumference of 11 centimeters/4.33 inches or less, just about the size of a US quarter are classified as having SAM.


Most children suffering with SAM live in sub-Saharian Africa or south Asia but SAM can happen anywhere: wherever there are disasters, drought, famine and even political strife that affects how resources are distributed, more people go hungry – especially children.

It's a massive problem,
but the solution is incredibly simple.


A super food called RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) is being made right now by our partners at MANA Nutrition.

RUTF, endorsed by all the leading world aid organizations, is nutrient-dense and ready to eat. It’s delicious, easy to ship and requires no preparation – no cooking, refrigeration or water. It's a simple mix of ingredients: milk, peanut butter and micro-nutrients. The effects are magic: these packets save lives. 


Despite this simple solution, only 15% of the need is currently being met. Our mission at STOP SAM is to help bridge this gap and provide aid organizations the RUTF they need. We need your help. 

A life saving treatment of RUTF is just $50. 

Here’s the good news: there’s already an established, trustworthy network, including organizations such as World Vision and UNICEF, in place to help us distribute RUTF to those who need it most. They’re ready to help – all we need to do is supply the RUTF.

For only $50, you can save a child’s life: your donation funds a treatment of three packs a day for six weeks.