You can help. Here's how.

We can't do this alone, we need your help to STOP SAM. There are 3 core ways you can help.


Let's TELL everyone!

We're shouting it loud and you can, too. SAM is bad but together we can STOP SAM.

Share the SAM story video on Facebook and Twitter, talk about SAM with your friends and family: please tell everyone you know!  

We’ll even help you help us. 

Just like us on Facebook, and for every ‘like’ we receive, our sponsor will send a packet of RUTF to a child in need. Our goal is 15,000 packets. 
Want to do more? You can become a Stop SAM Ambassador and work with your friends to help. Click here to learn more. 

DONATE treatments.

For just $50, you’ll provide a child with a six-week RUTF treatment. Donate Now!

Other fun ways you can help.

Create your own STOP SAM page and raise money by doing all sorts of things: Ride bikes, run races, give away calories, be creative and ask your friends and family to support your efforts.


BUY Products.

We’re putting together a marketplace with amazing goods and gear from our partners: you’ll get great stuff and we’ll use the proceeds from the sales to STOP SAM.

Our first product is an amazing nutritional snack called GOOD SPREAD. For every packet of GOOD SREAD sold a packet of RUTF goes to a child in need. Buy Now!

Want to partner with us? Contact us and let us how we can harness your creativity and talents!



Together we can save a life,
together we can STOP SAM.